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Did you ever think about what we mean when we talk about having a good vibe about someone? Or a bad one about a situation? Vibes, aka Vibrations, is what our sixth sense is all about! And I am not talking about the sixth sense as in ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), but the sixth sense that we ALL were born with: our EMOTIONS or FEELINGS.
Our emotions are our guides when we are faced with any situations in life, whether they are daily routines or new occurrences. When we need to make a decision, we quickly evaluate how we FEEL about it. Even if we think we make logical, left-brained assumptions.
Our thoughts precede our feelings, which draw from experiences. Often these thoughts are streaming to our logical brain from the “monkey” brain, the brain that got conditioned long ago in our childhood.  At one point these thoughts served us well; they were there to protect us.
Here is an example:
How do you react when you sense something?  First you evaluate the situation (you think about it), then, almost immediately, a feeling comes up, and then you react.  This process can be as simple as getting out of bed, sensing that it’s cold, remembering the feeling that you don’t like to be cold and then deciding to put on a warmer sweater.  Or it can be much subtler.  How do you react when you get stuck in an elevator? Even if the first thought may be “oh crap!”, immediately a feeling of unease will arise, because you are conditioned to dislike entrapment…very much!
We recall the story of a mother who got a very constricted feeling as a woman showed too much interest in her baby son in a Kohl’s bathroom. Or the Target worker who was hailed a hero after she cracked a child abduction case because she felt bad vibes about a certain man.

Did you ever have bad vibes in a situation? Did they help you? Did you ever have a GOOD feeling about someone? What happened? Please share below in the comments!


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