Coincidence-or not? Coincidence vs. Synchronicity

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Are there really coincidences? What does coincidence mean? From the Latin words “con” and “incident” comes the meaning that there are incidents that just converge, that happen at the same time and in the same space. Which says nothing else, scientifically spoken, than that the timelines cross, or are respectively, from the Greek “syn” (together) and “chronos” (time)…a synchronicity!
Now, did it happen to you ever that you bumped into someone who said: “Oh, what a coincidence that we should meet today or here!” Let’s think about this: logically speaking, you being at this place at this time was something that had been set into motion, likely planned, a while back. The same is true is for the other person. It happened to me the other day when I “coincidentally” met an acquaintance from many years ago, who had moved to Florida, at my nail salon on Long Island of all places. She said to me: “Gee, what a coincidence that I should see you here! What are you doing here?” And I said: “well, I live here! What are you doing here?” She told me that she would always go to the salon when she was visiting her daughter.
Now, obviously, her timeline was laid out well in advance while mine was totally unpredictable as I only went to the salon when I found the time, which was rarely. If we would, however, look back and trace all our movements to that present moment, we could see the inevitability of our meeting. My being free to go to the salon was predestined by many other instances of spur-of-the-moment decisions and twists of fate. Since there are so many data points that not even a supercomputer could evaluate them all, we have no way of predicting what is not a random coincidence, but a predetermined convergence of timelines.

Did you have some uncanny coincidences happen? Let me know and post to the blog!


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