The Expanded Universal Laws of Attraction

The Law of Attraction has nothing to do with attraction between human beings, physical or otherwise…


The Law of Attraction is a universal Law, just as gravity is.  Similar to gravity, the Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like”.  Just like mass attracts mass, and is transmitted by gravitational waves, the Law of Attraction states that vibrations sent out by life-forms like human beings and animals will get mirrored back at them.


Imagine a universe full of vibrations of a myriad of frequencies.  Imagine that you are a radio station broadcasting into that universe.  There will be many vibrations that match your frequency, and when you “listen”, you will find your vibration being amplified.  You will, however, only be able to hear those frequencies when your receiver is tuned to the same wavelengths.
Since we know from Einstein’s famous equation E=mc² that all matter is energy, we know that we too, are energy.  As such, we are also vibrational beings since all energy has a corresponding frequency. All we need to do is learn how to tune into the frequency or vibrations of our desires to become a magnet for what we want.
All of us have experienced such “vibes”, good or bad.  (See the blog post here!) And we certainly have seen people react to our own vibes.
Here is an example: What happens when you smile at someone?  Most likely you’ll find a friendly face smiling back at you.  If you were to see a scowl, however, you’d back off immediately.
The universe is full of vibrations, and what you send out will be picked up and amplified.  You can MAKE A DELIBERATE CHOICE to send out only good, or HIGH vibrations and attract the same!

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Gravitational Waves sent out by Colliding Black Holes

Gravitational Waves generated by Colliding Black Holes.
Credit: Caltech

–>Did you ever experience bad vibes?  Or good ones?
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